About ANTIC's LAND: is the first indoor theme park in Sharjah UAE, located in MEGAMALL SHARJAH, UAE

“An oriental theme built up, a fun filled and thrilling Family theme park, an exquisite entertainment hub with VR Zone & a unique Family Bowling concept.”

The first and one of the largest operating indoor family theme parks in the middle east based on an oriental theme story build up to provide full edutainment, mystery, fun and magical moments. Located in the third level of Sharjah Mega Mall Antic’s Land is a mysterious land full of surprises yet to be discovered by millions around. Right from its construction to its functioning Antic’s Land has its own theme, style, and innovative performance, which make it different and exclusive from other entertainment parks.

Antic’s Land located at the third level of Sharjah Mega Mall, which is placed in the heart of Cultural Emirate of Sharjah, is a fun filled action packed family entertainment center comprising of three mistrial lands-Beauty, Discovery and Utopia.

Travel through time with Antic a young adventurous boy who discovers these land and experience 20 exciting rides and attractions along the way. A Roller Coaster, Monorail, 5D & 7D Cinemas, Bumper Cars & Bikes, the Haunted House, Flying Fish, Twister, Tube Town, Carousel, Pirate Ship, Ocean Train and Mini Ferries Wheel are just some of the many rides & attractions for the young in age and at heart.

----That’s not all, you can also check out variety kiddy rides, more than 50 plus redemption games and a spectacular VR Zone concept with 9D VR Fmily Ride, VR Horror house etc… + Brand New Arrivals and a Unique Family Bowling Concept, Arts & Crafts area, Birthday Party Hall and Discover a variety of live fish, birds, a huge variety of different snakes and much more……..