Welcome to a new week of premieres!

Hello, dear readers! Today we are going to announce you new start of the Week of 7D movie and glad to invite you for new premieres!

In this week you have 3 great options in 5D, 7D and 9D cinemas:

1 Deep Sea Exploration
– as you travel deeper and deeper beneath the ocean’s surface you will meet amazing ocean creatures and experience real life of marine world. Explore the deepest part of our planet!

2 Star Rider Coaster– you may be experienced the real thrilling coasters and heard about the head car of fourteen coasters in America. With the supplied glasses and other effects you will be taken to wild tour of the most exciting roller coasters!

3 Gyro Swing– this is one of the experiences that captures the attention of passengers and spectators alike. This movie gives the combination of familiar motion of classic swinging ship with the rotation of a standard flat ride. Feel the full thrill of hurtling straight towards the ground or accelerating at high speeds towards the sky!

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