Playtime for toddlers!

Antics Land is the place where whole family can enjoy and have a fun. Even your toddlers also feel great fun in their playtime!

There is a saying:” Kids are like sponges” ; kids in their early years like 2 -3 years are highly tend to absorb new things. Everyday you may teach them something interesting and useful. Today we are going to offer you number of  games to boost your toddlers emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

1 Simon says

This game is famous for its easy and interesting structure. Instruction is simple: you ae Simon and what you say children do. Call out command: Simon says sit down” and your kids have to follow them. If you call out command like “Touch your nose” without saying Simon Says players can be eliminated. You can add some funny commands like “Jump like a frog’’ or “Dance” in order to make the game more interesting!

2 Hot and cold

Hide your child’s favorite item and have him search the room. If he goes too far from it say “cold”

And gets closer “warm, warmer and hot”. This game helps to sharpen kids’ emotional skills like patience, perseverance.

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