Easy Cute Crafts for your Kids

Help your kids make these cute and clever crafts using cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls. It can be perfect for school projects!

Sweet Cake Stand

Elevate your treats for your next party!cc1

What You’ll Need:

Corrugated cardboard
2 toilet-paper tubes
Hot glue
Gesso (optional, for brighter color)
Craft paint
Edge punch (or pinking shears)
Colored cardstock (or ribbon)
Adhesive dots


  1. Cut out a 12-inch, 9-inch, and 5-inch circle from the cardboard (an adult’s job). Lightly mark the center of each disc, measuring out from the center point to each of the four sides to make sure the distance is equal. Place a tube at the center of each circle and trace around it with a pencil (you’ll need to do this on both sides of the 12-inch disc).
  2. Starting with the 5-inch base, trace the outline with hot glue (an adult’s job), then place the tube on top and add extra glue around the seam. Attach the bottom of the 12-inch disc to the top of tube. Repeat these steps to attach the 9-inch circle on top.
  3. If desired, gesso the whole stand; let dry. Then coat with one to two layers of paint.
  4. To add trim: Cut the cardstock into 1-inch-wide strips until you have enough to cover the edges of the 12-inch and 9-inch rounds. You have a few possibilities to add a decorative edge: Use an edge punch (as shown), cut a scalloped trim using pinking shears on one side, or use a piece of ribbon. Attach to the circles with adhesive dots. For the base, cut a ¼-inch-wide strip of cardstock or ribbon.

    Pet Phone Stand

    Little friends help you go hands-free as you FaceTime with Grandma!cc2

    What You’ll Need:

    Toilet-paper tubes
    Gesso (optional, for brighter color)
    Craft paint


    1. Cut out the template, wrap it around the tube, and trace. Cut out the shape.
    2. If desired, coat with gesso; let dry. Paint a color; let dry. Add the features and let dry.The source: parents.com


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