Welcome to Ocean Train!

Hello, dear readers! Today, I am going to write about one of our thrilling attractions -Antic’s Ocean train! Antic’s Land’s offerings and wonderful attractions can be enjoyable for both parents and children. Especially, lovers of marine life may take great joy from this attractions as it contains lots of vivid pictures of marine animals!
If you do not know how to surprise your child especially if you are working parent and couldn’t spend quality time with your kids Antic’s Land is an ultimate playground as a family with our top kid-friendly activities and attractions in Sharjah.
Ocean Train is a fun, not so fast -paced ride because it is specialized for junior riders and for their comforts. While they are riding you can watch their happy smiles and joys! If your kid feels nervous you can guide and have a fun with your child.
Come and spend your family time in Antic’s Land and present thrilling and exciting experience for your kids!

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