Everything You Need To Know About Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a fun game that many take seriously. For some its entertainment and for others it’s just a casual way to have competitive fun. According to airhockeyplace.com, there are 3levels of airplay:
You’ll want to have a lightweight table for beginners. Children and adults new to the game qualify as beginners of air hockey. A table under $100 is more than enough to help you learn the mechanics of the game. While the table is unstable, it’s good for practice and casual gameplay.
For intermediate players, look for a table that has a sturdier design and larger playing field. Most tables at this level are more durable and less likely to create dents which causes frustrating gameplay. Consider getting a 7-foot table if space is an issue.

Most advanced players find enjoyment in playing on a full-size air hockey table or an arcade air hockey table. These tables are durable and have thick rink walls, and consist of smooth playing surfaces. For those wanting to play air hockey professionally, we suggest practicing every day. If you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, you’ll have a chance to win some tournaments.

Benefits Of An Air Hockey Table
A great game of hockey creates a fun and social environment. It is a game that you can’t play alone, leading you to socialize every game that you play. This is important if you are someone that needs to liven up and remove their social shell.
Non-physical Activity
By non-physical activity, we mean that air hockey isn’t as physically intensive as sports, running, and weightlifting. Think of air hockey as a fun cardio game that increases the heart while shedding a few pounds. This social game is great for those wanting an easy exercise.
Playing an air hockey table is a great source of amusement. It enhances the playing experience and creates a fun environment. Studies show that over 40% of families who have an air hockey table have a higher happiness rating.

Any person can benefit from owning a hockey table. For children, playing an air hockey table adds excitement to their lives.Even adults find enjoyment with a hockey table as it is a good game to play before during a day off work.
People need to be consistently exposed to competition. Children who play air hockey are introduced to a competitive environment where their skills are put to the test. Even if they try, sometimes they’ll have to lose. Air hockey is a great quick game that gives children the competitive edge to take on life.
Improved Reflexes
People who play air hockey have increased reaction time and reflexes. Air hockey is a fast game that it is a measure of skill and speed. It’s scientifically proven that those who play air hockey consistently have higher hand-eye coordination than the average person.
How do you improve your reflexes by playing air hockey? It’s simple. First, bring a friend to play competitively against you. Even if you don’t win the game, your body gains muscle memory to hit the puck at a fast speed.
We suggest playing air hockey for at least 30 minutes a day to reap the benefits. It’s a game where your skills and reflexes are put to the test. Air hockey trains your eyes to respond to fast-paced situations. Repeated practice will improve your reaction time, reflexes and hand-eye coordination.
Do’s And Don’t Of Air Hockey
Here are a few things to remember when playing a game of air hockey.
DON’T Play Too Roughly

Air Hockey is a social game first. Even when professional players compete, they are still calm throughout the game. You don’t want to lean over the table while playing continuously.
Correct posture is the main way to reduce rough play during air hockey games. For instance, keep a balance between a soft and firm grip when holding the handle. This helps you by keeping you alert to deflect your opponent’s shots while also keeping you calm enough to score a goal effectively.
Practice hitting the puck lightly without leaning to reduce playing roughly. You’ll notice an increase in your posture and skills once you play at a more relaxed playing style.
DO Practice Frequently
While air hockey is a social game, there are rewards for taking the competitive aspect seriously. Proper practice is the only way you’ll win this game more frequently. Here are a few tips to use to train yourself to play better.
What’s your greatest experience while playing air hockey?
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