Why Ghost Town?

Creating something truly distinct, Ghost Town in Antic’s Land brings something to the arcade that you don’t see every day – a 4-player gun game!

Designed primarily for ticket redemption (although that can be deactivated), Ghost Town lets 1-4 players team up to take down the ghosts, skeletons, bats and other scary monsters for points or tickets. Those monsters will come at you, unleashing attacks that damage the player’s health if they get too close. After a wave is complete, fight the boss for a bonus!

While it does carry a terror theme about it, there is no gore, allowing the game to operate in FECs and other venues where children are present. To liven things up, Ghost Town offers 4 different scenes such as a haunted house, a perilous pirate ship or a frightening forest. The aforementioned boss fights also help to keep your interest high!

What Makes Ghost Town Special?

– Exclusive game experience to arcades

– Features four mounted guns for multiplayer fun

– 3D graphics are displayed on the 55″ HD LCD screen

– Four different levels, each with a ‘boss’ fight at the end for bonus points/tickets

– Fend off numerous spooky yet cartoony enemies with no blood or gore




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