Best swimming pool games of this summer!

Today in our blog, we are going to continue to introduce you to some thrilling swimming pool games for your children and you. Enjoy your time with your family!

  1. Atomic Whirlpool

Have everyone start slowly moving around in a circle, then move faster and faster and faster until a whirlpool is created and you can float on it. (Works better in a smaller pool.)

  1. Pirates!

Grab an odd number of diving sticks (7, 5, 9) and place your players on opposite ends of the pool. Toss the sticks in the middle, and the first pirate to come back with the majority of the sticks (treasure) wins. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  1. Mr.Wolf / Mr. Shark?

The same as “What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?” that your kids would play at recess, except in the pool it is “What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?”

  1. F-I-S-H

The basketball game HORSE has people taking stunt shots, miss a shot get a letter. First to spell HORSE loses. For FISH, you can play with a poolside basketball net, or you could just have players go back and forth doing dives, splashes, and other acrobatic pool maneuvers.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Get a collection of items that will sink in pairs. (2 coins, 2 pool rings, 2 dive toys, etc.) Toss them about the pool and then have the teams try to collect one of each item. First to collect them all wins.

  1. Belly Flop Contest

Honestly, with some kids you don’t even need to have a contest, they just do it naturally. Last time at the pool with my boys, even the lifeguard gave a groaning“oooohhh!” when my son flopped in.

  1. Marco Polo

This classic is basically tag in the water. “It” closes their eyes and yells “MARCO!” the rest of the players respond with “POLO!” while they move around the pool and try to avoid being caught. Be careful which kind of pool you play this in, you’ll want to make sure it’s shallow and the players are mindful of “It” not being able to see where they are going.

  1. Chicken Fight

Okay, this is for the older kids, and maybe even for the parents. Ahem. Ride piggyback on the shoulders and then engage the other team. First one to fall of their ride’s shoulders loses. All sorts of age-appropriate punching, kicking, and hair pulling is encouraged.

  1. Bobbing Heads

This is whack-a-mole in the pool.  “It” must try and pluck off the bobbing players when they pop up with a pool noodle or softball. Once they’re all plucked off, trade places and bob again.


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