Ramadan news: Ramadan hours for private schools in Dubai announced

Private school pupils in Dubai will have their school days reduced to five hours and will be exempt from physical education during Ramadan.

Schools will start between 8 am and 8.30am and end between 1 pm and 1.30pm, with shorter breaks throughout the day, said Mohammed Darwish, Executive Director of the Licensing and Compliance Department at KHDA.

The authority also recommended that private schools suspend all physical education classes during the holy month, which the Sharjah Centre for Space and Astronomy has predicted will begin on May 17. Pupils observing Ramadan are also exempt from taking part in outdoor activities to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, Al Bayan reported. Eating and drinking will be restricted to private, designated areas to take into account the feelings of those observing Ramadan. The staff has also been encouraged to raise awareness about the practices of Ramadan, said Mr. Darwish The first day of Eid Al Fitr is expected to fall on June 15, while Eid Al Adha was estimated to begin on August 22, Sharjah News reported.

the source: thenational.ae

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