Thunder Mountain- thrilling adventure!

Hi, there dear readers! Today I am going to write about our thrilling attraction-Thunder Mountain. As we have informed you about our number of attractions and rides, it is time to let you know family attractions!

I would like to emphasize one of the favourites of our visitors, focusing on the attraction that kids will love, and perfect for adults. Antic’s Land is a dream when you are a child, but for an older one, it can be pretty exciting, as well. Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the attractions at Antic’s Land that hard to ignore.

Thunder Mountain is a fun, fast-paced indoor attraction for kids and adults alike. It is specially designed for children older than 10 and their parents. Children are attached to a continuous safety line and detached only when they have completed the course. Parents are allowed to guide and encourage their kids from the ground. But if your child is nervous, you can accompany him/her on the attraction or stay close.

Antic’s land offers fantastic indoor venues for limitless hours of fun. Make your children’s day and feel the fun yourself, as well!

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