Are you perfect parents?

This time on our blog you are able to know what kind of parents you are. Here we go!

Answer to questions of this test and put your score: for each answer

“Yes of course”-1

“Sometimes “-2


Count your scores and read the results. It can help you to understand whether you are establishing your relationship with your child correctly or not.

  1. You always give presents when your child takes excellent marks.
  2. You never make your kid do your orders immediately.
  3. You always kiss and hug your child at least once a day.
  4. You can admit your mistakes in front of your kid.
  5. You think that kids also have a right to keep secrets.
  6. While you are talking with your child you never say these phrase: “In our times…”, “ children must do…”
  7. You can share your happiness and sadness, even you can ask to advise from your child.
  8. You never reprove your kid.
  9. You nevermore criticize your child in front of others.
  10. You always speak to your child when he or she feels sadness.


10-14 scores: you are one step behind of being ideal parents. You perfectly understand your kid and always defend his or her interests. But, you should think, don’t  you allow a lot to your kid?

15-20 scores: you are perfect parents. You can easily understand your child’s heart and respect kid’s personality. You have established a close and trustful relationship in your family which are the most essential for your kid’s happiness.

21-25 scores: Don’t you think you are a bit strict? Don’t make your kid fully obey you and time to time allow him or her to decide themselves. It makes child thinking more independently and your relationship closer.

26-30 scores: you are tiger parents and you demand a lot from your child. Try to not show your parental authority and accept your kid as much as he or she has. Then, you will have a chance to become perfect parents.

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