Car Racing with Antic’s Land

Do you want to feel an excitement of getting adrenalin from racing? Fasten your seat belt, choose your gear and accelerate! Here, in Antic’s Land, you can race like in real-world competition using simulations for practice or for entertainment. Car Race Simulator is a wonderful racing game that gives an opportunity for driving a beautiful Lotus sports car. Before you start racing you are able to select the color of your vehicle so be sure to pick something that stands out. Moreover, you can choose a selection of different tracks and pick how many laps you wish to race.

If you are ready you can start the race! Can you drive skillfully and beat your opponents or will you try too hard and burn out early in the race? Remember to make use of your nitro boost to accelerate past your opponents at crucial moments.Never lose your chance of feeling triumph and try our Racing Simulator.

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