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Perhaps, most parents face problems like greediness of their children that they often refuse to share their toys and sweets with other kids. Situations like these mostly end unpleasantly for both sides, children start snatching things out of other one’s hands, crying and even they can use their fists. How can we teach them to be generous? Let’s look at some advice!

The desire for own something – absolutely natural reactions of little children. It is hard for one-year-old babies “giving” their mum and for 2 years olds- cars and dolls. Some children have a great love for their toys, even they prefer old teddy bear rather than a lovely new toy. Is it possible to persuade them to share this teddy?

The ability to share something is difficult ethic sense and this sense is based on sympathy in adults. So it would be weird if we expected such “deeds” from kids. They never give their toys for a while with their own wishes. Step by step you can teach your child to share and shape open-handedness in kid’s character.

The best method for training children to be liberal is becoming a model for children. Give some apples, ice- creams or other sweets and say “ Would you like me to share some chocolate with you?”. Offer your scarf when you are walking along the street. Use following activities while you are playing with your kid: you turn over a page of a book- your child the next one, you put one part of mosaic –child another one. Try these methods with the teddy bear: firstly, you hug teddy and then give it to the child for hugging.  Always ask your daughter when you take her jewelry and often use the word  “share” for describing your actions. With the help of such kind of activities, kids find out that playing turn by turn is so funny and given objects are returned. And don’t forget to remind them that they can share not only things but also feelings, opinions, and stories as well.

When you pay a visit to relatives’ or friends’ house who have children in the same age with your kids, don’t forget to take your own toys. Perhaps there might be found dolls or cars that your children may like, owners of these toys can share their toys if your children also give theirs. But, you should warn them beforehand that they should return toys before you arrive home.

If you have two children who don’t like dealing, using timer can be the best solution for cope with quarrel for toys. Set a timer for 2 minutes and give the toy little child and ask from elder one to wait. After the signal toy is passed to the elder child for the same minutes. Of course, baby cannot wait but don’t worry, soon they themselves ask to switch of the timer for the solution of the conflict.

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