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Hi There Antics Land Readers,

Today we are happy to announce a baby safety series that we hope our customers, fans and readers can benefit from. Here at Antics Land we take health and safety very seriously and are always looking for new ways to improve the efficiency and checks of our safety policy.

We kickstart the series with some useful information shared by Bien Quiocho, who is a first aid trainer from The Perfect Help, at Dubai’s Training Specialists:

How knowing what you can do to help if your child is in difficulty

Accidents don’t generally happen with very young babies, but as they become more mobile and their curiousity increases, the chances of accidents increase also. Learning first aid is essential and gives you added confidence in dealing with situations. Prevention is key to providing a safe environment for your child. Most accidents can be avoided through increased awareness, improvements in the home and greater product safety.

Children upto 4yrs are most at risk from a home accident with falls accounting for the majority of non-fatal accidents. The highest number of deaths is due to fire.

A common place for accidents is the kitchen, and dangers include burns, choking, suffocation, poisoning and glass or water related injuries.

Keeping your child out of the kitchen is imperative, and this is a habit you can get into before your baby arrives. Install baby proofing safety gates and locks on cupboard doors, windows and doors. That way by the time your child is mobile you will already be in the habit of using the locks and gates etc and are abe to secure them with no difficulty.

If you have under done a first aid training course, keep all handouts and posters at hand or on your refridgerator so you can refer to them easily when in an emergency. It’s quite normal in a panic that you will forget the steps that you have learnt. Always keep your child’s doctor or your first aid instructor’s phone number easily at hand along with any other emergency numbers at clear view.

We hope that you have enjoyed the introduction to this series, we look forward to follow this post up with some top tips but please remember that prevention is always better than cure 😉

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