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Straight Billiards – Basic Shots

Hi there everyone, you may remember or read our previous post introducing you to Billiards, if you missed it, you can find it here:

Billiards At Antics Land – Intro

Now we will share the basic shots made in Straight Billiards below:

In straight billiards (a.k.a. straight-rail billiards), you score a point (and play again) if your cue ball contacts the two object balls. In the diagrams, most people always use the white ball as the cue for the sake of consistency.

Basic shots

Here are basic shots which do not involve the use of rails.

Cut shots


cut shot
A simple cut shot
a shot at right angle
A shot at right angle, not as simple as the previous one


Draw and follow


a simple draw shot
A simple draw shot
a simple follow shot
A simple follow shot, way easier than taking the yellow very thin
less simple draw shot
Less simple draw shot
less simple follow shot
Less simple follow shot



A common shot making use of a rail.

easy one-railer

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