FREE Eid Party Printables

It wasn’t until I went out to actually look to buy some Eid decorations that I realised OMG! There isn’t any!

I couldn’t beleive it, I went everywhere in Sharjah looking, there were plenty for Birthdays and even Christmas but not Eid ;(

I was shocked to realise that I was stuck for choice for Eid decoration in a Muslim country. Please if anyone knows of somewhere we can find some let us know in the comments section.

So anyway, lost for resources I resorted to the internet and low and behold, I found a really cute printable set by

And here they are, absolutely FREE


Click to download: Eid Mubarak cupcake bunting


Click to Download: id Mubarak cupcake card blue

id Mubarak cupcake card pink


Click here to download: id Mubarak cupcake toppers

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