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Redemption Games At Antics Land

Hi there all, todays topic of conversation is Redemption games, so what are Redemption games? Well they are typically arcade games of skill that reward the player proportionally to their score in the game. The reward most often comes in the form of tickets, with more tickets being awarded for higher scores. These tickets can then be redeemed (hence the name) at a central location for prizes.

As a family entertainment center business, we do well to include these kinds of games and have a wide variety to choose from. Redemption games offer good play-value for younger children and parents and with a little work can really add money to your bottom line. With the right mix of redemption games and play-value, in the right location within a facility and in conjunction with a well stocked, value-based merchandising counter, most entertainment centres could see as much as 30% – 40% of their revenues come from these games because of their fun competitive nature as well as their attractive prize counter.

In addition, for many children’s fun centers appealing to dad is a challenge as the focus generally tends to be more heavily on mom and the younger child then on dads. Redemption games offer fathers an opportunity to play along with their child in a fun and exciting manner and together they can play and earn tickets, and make the trip to the redemption counter to get their prize!

Antics Land have an attractive selection of redemption games suitable for all ages, you can check these out on our website at:

Or you can come see them in person at the top floor of Sharjah Mega Mall.

Please let us know your thoughts and favorite redemption game in our comments section ๐Ÿ˜‰

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