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Never Too Hot For Antics Land

Hi there dear readers,

We hope you are all well and in good health.

So now it’s not long for the summer holidays, kids are excited to be free from school, early mornings and long bus rides! But parents often get stuck on what to do in the heat of summer holidays..

Antics Land invites you visit and enjoy the magical world of excitment, offering tantalizing experiences right in the heart of Sharjah on the third level of Sharjah Mega Mall. We are one of UAE’s first indoor theme park offering some of the most unique and state of the art entertainment that is beyond just the momentary excitement.

We have bought a legend to life in the ambience of a marooned boat at the entrance, the dark dungeons, serpents, haunted room and towers. It is a sequel to Antic’s adventure where he is able to conquer the Forbidden City, furnish it with the wonders from ‘Utopia’ (the most advanced city) and the latest and the best from the world of amusement. Come to this world of games and enjoy the present in the ambience of the past. Forget the present, merge with the past, ride on your fantasy and be a winner where there is no loser! Conquer the ‘Forbidden City’!

So no need to get flustered in the confusion of what to do this summer, come to Antics Land where our indoor theme park will set your imagination wild and amuse you and all the family!

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