How To Make A Train Party Cake

When we come across this really good cake tutorial on how to create your own train cake we knew it was only fair to share 😉

Now it’s all well to be really healthy and good when choosing food options for parties but I think we can all agree that its no party without CAKE!

We can cut out all the sweets and chocolates and lollies and soda just so that we can allow some CAKE! 😉

Now this video tutorial is really good, easy to follow and understand but they do use a lot of sweets to decorate with, a bit too much for those trying to stay moderately healthy so in this case, we would recommend using healthier alternatives such as raisons for coal or cut up fresh fruit and berries, wheels can be cut kiwi slices or fresh pineapple rings in place of the cookies or biscuits and you can use fresh whipped thick cream in place of frosting that has a whole lot more sugar etc..

All in all although they don’t give you the ingredients of the sponge cake used, the method of cutting and placing the cake to form the train is very easy and good. Enjoy!

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