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Create The Perfect Disney Princess Party

Everyone loves a good party, and whether you decide to have your childs party with us or not, Antics Land is here to help.

Here at Antics Land we know how important it is to get it right!

And here is a great article taken from Disney.com that will help you get all those tiny details to perfection or at least give you that most needed inspiration 😉 :

The key to the perfect Disney Princess party is beautiful decor, yummy snacks, and fun princess activities. We put together a party that showcases aspects of each princess’s story and personality: a rose paper craft for Belle, beautiful jeweled goblets inspired by Jasmine, a painter’s palette cupcake decorating activity based on Rapunzel, “oyster” cookies from under the sea with Ariel, and a blue and pink cupcake based on Aurora’s dress.


All of these crafts and activities just need your special touch to finish and personalize for your own princess’s birthday.




Get the party started with Disney Princess-inspired party invitations. Featuring icons that represent each Disney Princess, you can print out these invitations and customize for your party.


Ariel’s Oyster Pearl Cookies


These “oyster” cookies look just like Ariel’s friends from under the sea, and pack a surprise with a pearl inside each. This recipe is all about presentation, and is actually super easy to make. The best part? It’s bake-free. For older kids, you can also have all of the supplies ready and have them assemble the treats as a fun party activity.


Disney Princess Quote Posters


These Disney Princess quote posters are a great way to add ambiance to your party, all in the time it takes to print them out! Each has a memorable inspirational quote from the princess’s films. Just print, and then get creative with your presentation with pretty frames, clothespins, magnets, or string.


Aurora’s Blue and Pink Cupcakes


Remember the moment in Sleeping Beauty when the Fairies change Aurora’s gown from blue to pink, and back again? These blue and pink cupcakes are inspired by the splash of color at the end of their magical color fight. Just create using your favorite cupcake mix, a few drops of food coloring, swirl of your spoon, and a little magic!


Disney Princess Chair Appliques

This set of printable appliques has a design that represents each of the Disney Princesses — Aurora’s crown, the magic lamp for Jasmine, Rapunzel’s sun crest, Belle’s magic rose, and a shell for Ariel. They’re a great way to add a pretty final touch to the chairs at your party.


Rapunzel’s Cupcake Paint Palette


Rapunzel loved being creative, and covered her whole tower with beautiful paintings. Let your guests decorate their cupcakes with sprinkle “paint” on a painter’s palette like Rapunzel’s for an interactive craft/snack at your Disney Princess party.


Happy Birthday Garland


Why buy a plastic banner when you can print one at home? This beautiful Disney Princess banner is easy to download, print, and assemble, and you can create multiple on one string to turn it into a decorative garland.


Belle’s Enchanted Paper Roses


This rose paper craft is so simple to do, and the results are beautiful. You can create flowers on your own as part of your centerpiece — we imitated the rose under glass from Beauty and the Beast — or you can create them with your guests as a craft at your party!


Disney Princess Place Cards


Every princess has a spot at the table with personalizable place cards. Featuring a different design for each princess included in the party, these place cards are super easy to print out, cut, and fold. Download and print them exclusively from HP.


Jasmine’s Gem Goblets


Party crafts are the best, even better when they’re something your guests can DIY and actually use! Inspired by the sapphire stone in Jasmine’s headband, this craft allows kids to decorate their own goblet with stickers and gems.


Thank You Cards


After the party is done, write your thank you’s with these Disney Princess thank you cards. They match the party, and are easily printed out and personalized.

We hope you found this post fun and handy.. for more disney links of crafts and ideas feel free to visit their website at: Disney.com

And stay tuned for more great posts and inspiration 😉

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