Become A Antics Land Elite Member

So, what does it mean to be an Antic’s Land Elite Member?

Antic’s Land’s Elite Membership is a Special Membership Program for all its customers that provide special offers and promotions that are not available on a standard membership.

To become an elite member simply fill out the Elite Membership Registration Form available at our customer service counter and submit it along with a small processing fee to any of the Elite Registration counters at Antic’s Land. Your new game card will not be the same as the standard one, it will be Red color and clearly state you are an Elite member 😉

There is a number of benefits to getting an Elite membership with Antics land, here are some of the perks:-

  • FREE Welcome Bonus of 3 FREE Rides and FREE 50 Redemption Points while registering to become the Elite member.
  • AED 250 for EVERY charge of AED100
  • AED 600 for EVERY charge of AED200
  • Special Promotions exclusively for Elite members and much more….

For more information and to view some FAQ, please visit our Elite website page at:

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