How do we play in Antic’s Land?

All Game Machines in Antic’s Land are operated by electronic game cards, similar to a Credit Card into which cash points are added as per the requirement of the customers.

What is the cost of Antic’s Land Game card?

The cost of an Antic’s Land Game Card is only Dhs2/- per card.

Is the Game Card Rechargeable?

Yes, the Game Card of Antic’s Land is rechargeable & re-usable.

What is the validity of the Game Card?

All Antic’s Land Game Cards are valid up to 5 yrs from the date of purchase.

Up to how much amount can we load into these Game Cards?

Currently you can load up to AED1000/- per game card.

Can we purchase the Game Card Online?

Antic’s Land Game Cards are available currently from the four cashier points inside Antic’s Land Only.

What are the timings of Antic’s Land?

Saturday thru Wednesday 10.00am – 12.00am

Thursday 10.00am – 1.00am

Fridays 1.30pm -1.00am

Does Antic’s Land have more than 100 game machines?

Yes, Antic’s Land operated more than 130 thrilling game machines suitable for all ages and Special Large Table Billiard hall.

Does Antic’s Land have any special packages for Schools or Parties?

Yes, Antic’s Land has special school packages for Nursery to High School Students. Antic’s Land also contains one of the largest well equipped and maintained kid’s party hall which offers different packages suitable for all kinds of customers.

Does the place suitable for families?

Antic’s Land is one of the best family oriented indoor theme parks in the region with utmost priority to safety & security.