Elite Membership

What is Antic’s “Elite Membership”?

Antic’s Land’s Elite Membership is a Special Membership Program for all its customers that provide special offers and promotions like never before.

2. How to become an Antic’s “Elite Member”?

Simply fill up the Elite Membership Registration Form and submit it along with a low processing fee to any of the Elite Registration counters at Antic’s Land.

3. What are the benefits of Antic’s “Elite Membership”?

Elite Members will have:-.

  • AED 250 for EVERY charge of AED105
  • AED 600for EVERY charge of AED210
  • Special Promotions exclusively for Elite members and much more….

4. Is there any difference in the Game card for Elite Members?

Yes. Elite Members game cards are “Red” in color as compared to the normal “Blue” game card of Antic’s Land.

5. Is the Elite Game Card Rechargeable?

Yes, the Elite Game Card is rechargeable.

6. What is the validity of the Elite Game Card?

All Elite Game Cards are valid up to 5 yrs from the date of purchase.

7. Can customers register online to become Elite member?

Elite Game Cards are available currently only from the Elite registration counters inside Antic’s Land.

8. What if the Elite Game Card purchased is lost or stolen?

Antic’s Land does not hold the responsibility of a Game Cards lost or stolen and cannot be refunded. However in case of Elite Membership, the Red Elite game card will be replaced once for a minimal charge.