10 General Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Children-Pt2

As we have started informing you about main safety rules which you have to teach your kids, today we will continue our article with another 5 rules:

  1. Never Go Anywhere With A Stranger:

Your kid should know that no matter what the reasoning, it is not safe to go anywhere with a stranger. Tell your kid that if a stranger tells them something like ‘Your mom asked you to come with me immediately,’ they should stay where they are and shout out for help. Ensure that if there is an emergency, you will always send a family member, like grandparent or aunt, to be with your kid and not a stranger.

  1. No One Is Allowed To Touch Your Kid’s Body:

This is a very important safety rule for kids and you should teach about it as soon as your kid can understand the basics. Teach about good touch and bad touch. Tell your kid that no one is allowed to touch your kid except mommy, and sometimes papa, if needed. If anyone else has touched your kid, your kid should immediately shout for help and alert people around.

  1. If You Get Lost, Stay Where You Are:

In the event that your kid gets lost, tell them it is important they stay right where they are. If they see any other mom with kids nearby, they can ask her for help. Your kid should stay inside the place and not go out, even with the other mom. Most common places where kids get lost are the supermarkets. Tell your kid that they can walk up to the counter of the store and tell the person they are lost.

  1. Do Not Share Address And Phone Details With Anyone (Except Emergency Situations As In Point 1):

Your kid should know that it is unsafe to share personal details like phone numbers, address, email ids or pictures with strangers. Any information that is shared should only be with your consent or in your presence.

  1. If I Am Uncomfortable I Will Not Do It:

No matter what your kid may be asked to do, if it makes your kid uncomfortable, your kid should NOT do it. This could be something as simple as taking off clothes in front of others and diving in a home pool. If your kid is not comfortable with it, no matter how many friends are doing it, your kid should not do it at all.

It is important that you teach your kid about these basic safety rules for kids as soon as they are able to understand. There are certain things that you can start teaching your kid as early as three years of age. Make sure you speak to your kid in an age-appropriate language. Also, always keep communication open. This will encourage your kid to tell you everything.


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