Visiting to the doctor without tears!

As soon as children come across with doctors they act like they see ghosts and visiting the doctor becomes really challenging for parents. In fact, it is not difficult to get rid of stress both from your children and you and visit the doctor. Only you have to now right preparation. In today’s blog, we will offer you some tips which can be useful for you.

Toddlers and kids have great fear to meet with a doctor because they don’t realize what it is. Children often are impressed by physical discomfort- it can be cold, unfamiliar place and the smell of the hospital, doctor’s high voice, and pain. That’s why your duty is to keep your child from them.

What should we do?

  1. Keep calm. Kids easily feel their mothers’ anxiety and any anxiety can pass to them. Don’t lose self-control, if you cannot, let father or grandmother of the child do it instead of you.
  2. Plan time of visit: it shouldn’t disturb daily routine. If a kid wants to sleep or eat, he or she may not be happy from medical examination.
  3. Economize your strength. Do not try run for all specialists in a day. It seems easy to you but after tiring hard kids will not go to the hospital again. Visit 2 or 3 doctors for the first time.
  4. Dress comfortable and functional. Clothes should be comfortable for you ( to put them off, and put on just in case) and for your child ( nothing should be tight and stitch)
  5. Let your child adapt to the environment. So, come earlier to the hospital and walk around, try to find something interesting ( flower in a pot, a picture on the wall, toys etc).

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