Color it with Antic’s Land!

Antic’s Land offers not only number of attractions and rides but also it is a perfect place for kids to run around, jump, swing, climb and burn off some excess energy. These play areas are great for children to develop motor skills moreover, imagination and fantasy. Especially, ceramic paintings in Antic’s Land is more than entertainment!

Ceramic painting is exceptionally good for children additionally, it is a famous activity for parties and birthdays. Children may discover with color and with their imagination they can create a pottery character. There are no rules for kids: dotting it, stenciling it and blotting it-everything is possible! Only experimenting with paint shows amazing results. Children can express ideas with colors and develop their creativeness. So, come join us and get busy with color and make these fun ceramics come alive!

Pottery painting can be interesting for everyone, from little tykes to parents and grandparents, everyone might enjoy while painting ceramics. You have an opportunity of taking your masterpieces home as a reminder of your last fun! Bring your kiddos on a rainy or burning hot day and make their day more sunshine!

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