How to say about baby to elder ones?

Expecting a baby not only a marvelous happiness for parents but also a big stress for the first born child. Should we habituate the eldest ones to have baby brother or sister? What kind of difficulties we will have in this process and how to tackle them? In order to not to take for the question “ Would you like to have a baby brother, son?” the answer “ No thanks, I am enough!” ( like in the cartoon “ The boss baby”) we will give you some suggestions in our today’s article.

Some mothers don’t ask such kind of questions that they think their eldest kids are not old enough to understand it. However, all children no matter their age can feel changes of mood of their mother. That’s why mothers must say about changes to kids.

How to say it?

Under age of 3

As they too young to understand and don’t like waiting a lot you can inform them just 3 or 4 months before the birth: “Dear son(daughter) we love you so much and very soon you will have a little sister (or brother). You will always play together  and he (she) loves you, too”

Under Age of 10

For children of school age telling the news too early is not acceptable. Because they are so hasty and don’t have an ability to wait too long even happy news can be irritating for them. So that, you can start talking 3-4 months before.  Prepare valuable present for your elder child and say that this present from the baby.

Older than 10

It is not necessary to explain teenager kids who are babies. Moreover, parents should keep a trustful relationship with their children and don’t let them guess themselves about it. If they find out accidentally about the baby from your talk or from others they will think that you don’t respect their opinion. Make a sincere conversation with your kid and ask some questions about the baby: “ Would you like to have sister or brother?”, “What kind names you like and can you help us to find a name for your sister or brother?”, “ Which games, do you think, will be interesting for you play with your brother(sister)?” and so on.

Remember, when they help to you: bringing baby’s bottle, rocking the cradle or covering the baby with a blanket always express your gratitude like:” You are my best helper, I cannot do anything without you, thank you a lot!”

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