Be active with Antic’s Land!

Doing sports in lovely sunny weather is the most beneficial pastime for kids. Especially, when the air is fresh and sunshine, we cannot stop them from running to the playground. As we know football is the most loved sport among boys no matter their age, so they use every chance of playing football whenever they have. What if the weather is dull, cold and cloudy? This is not an obstacle for very energetic kids: they try to go outside and go on playing football. But as a caring parent, you don’t want your child catch a cold and at the same time feeling bored.  Here, in Antic’s Land your kid spends his time and energy effectively instead of sitting on a couch watching TV or playing sluggish mobile games.

Lazer Maze, Tube Town, Vertical Limit and Bumper Car can be the best options for the most vigorous youngsters as these games and attractions demand a lot of effort and energy. These games not only for fun but also aim developing children’s motor skills and to keep fit.

Mini bowling, billiards, virtual sports and Robin Hood are suitable for little shoot lovers. They are joyful and have loads of health benefits ( which we wrote about them in our previous articles).

Come and try all our amazing attractions and games!

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