The fastest and easiest ways for improving your kids eyesight

These days, due to electronic gadgets not only adults but also children suffer from decreasing the range of vision. Today in our article we are going to let you know about some tips and activities for your children’s eyes. So, how we can avoid losing eyesight and what we can do?


All lessons and games should be held in a bright room: all lights are switched on (in some daytime, if the windows are in dark side and the weather is cloudy). Additionally, there should be a special lamp on the left side of the child lighting up the book, notebook or a picture.


Make an active 15 minutes break after every 30 -40 minutes activities ( gymnastics, playing with domestic animals, helping parents with households). This time for school children. For younger kids decrease the time of activities for every year: 6 years old− 25-35 minutes, 5 years old- 20-25 minutes, 4years old- 15-20 minutes, 3 years old- 10-15 minutes.

Fewer screens

The blue color of the screens affects cornea and “burns” cells of sight. Try to print all exercise out and use papers not a screen.

More motion

It is better to change computer games to table games and physical activities which are held in playing fields.

Keep an eye on spine

Straight spine provides good blood circulation to brain and eyeball.

Spend more time outside.

At least 30-40 minutes your baby should spend outside in fresh air. Scientists proved that playing games and doing physical exercise in fresh air is the best prophylactic for decreasing range of vision.


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