Try Flight Simulator in Antic’s Land!

Flying in a real plane and control it is every child’s dream. Unfortunately, it is impossible for them to control real one as this process too sophisticated and demands special knowledge. But nowadays, in Antic’s Land, your son or daughter will try a real-life size flight deck of the jet aircraft, where everything works perfectly.  You and your child will have the opportunity to sit down in a deck and use life-like controls. We can custom design a package specifically tailored to your child’s needs and goals, from a single hour to multiple sessions over a weekend or more. We understand that every child is different, so we remain committed to creating an experience as unique as your child to make sure he or she feels like a true captain.

So if you know a young one who spends hours putting together models, reading about and drawing airplanes, is forever talking about and watching airplanes, and generally loves aviation, give us a call to set up an appointment. You never know, this may be the defining experience that propels them into a career as a professional airline captain!

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