Shoot your target!

Do you immerse in shooting or would like to check your shooting ability?  If yes, let me introduce you “Robin Hood” archery video game! Here, in Antic’s Land, you have an opportunity to play state of the art video games and seize your day.

This is a real joyful and appealing video game for you and your family, especially for your children to spend their time more interesting with their friends. A lively scenery of the forest helps you to feel as if you are in real wood and imagine yourself as a real Robin Hood. You are able to learn how to shoot with archery (if you do not know, of course) and you do not need special tools for it. Shoot your target with all your best and insert coins step by step. Moreover, with the help of this video game you will increase your concentration and at the same time, you can enjoy!

Visit Antic’s Land and try many video games like “ Shooting Mania”, “Battle Rider”, “Typhoon” and more and more others!

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