Super Fun with Mini-Bowling!

Every great thing starts from small beginnings.  With a total agreement, we got perfect sides of professional bowling and recommend for you mini-bowling in Antic’s Land. Our mini- bowling is an amazing opportunity for enhancing your bowling skills. Here, you can find friendly competitive and funny atmosphere for playing bowling with the whole family.

Our Mini-bowling in Antic’s Land is one of the best places for working on bowling skills no matter their age. If you want to make your kids day special and unforgettable Mini- bowling is a wonderful chance for you. Kids love playing together and with mini- bowling they can improve their social and visual skills. This is an excellent way to learn how to solve a problem and develop the strategizing ability.

The smaller size of balls and shorter bowling lanes make the game easier and funnier for players and there is no danger for them. Mini bowling combines all of the action of regular bowling, complete with hardwood approaches, real ball returns, and automatic scoring, with a more intimate, lounge-like setting.

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