Children in the kitchen: is it danger or fun? – Pt2 Main safety cautions.

It’s time to cook something scrumptious for your baby and you must be sure that the safety is set before you take your kid to the kitchen.  For this, you should check the most dangerous places and things and neutralize all of them.

Furniture. Choose roundtable for the kitchen or buy special covers for the edges of the square table. Take off tablecloth or oilcloth to prevent children from spilling hot coffee.

Sockets. Kids have a great interest in the wall- outlets. Therefore you have to use special fuses to keep your young explorer from injuries.

Kitchen range. Make sure that there is some distance between child and range. Otherwise, you give your child a chance for overturning boiling saucepan or frying pan.

Try to secure range’s settings with certain fixators, when your child grows up you will explain the hazards of playing with ranges.

Household appliances.  If in your home young tyke is growing you should select appliance with parent control, then children cannot push unnecessary buttons by chance.

Unsafe objects. Put all knives and other sharp things out of your child’s reach. Hide other dangerous things like matches, vinegar, and drugs in the upper shelves of the cupboard. Saucepan, plastic containers and unbreakable plates can be placed in the lower part of the dresser.

Never leave your child in the kitchen alone even for a minute! Always take your mobile phone with yourself so that you won’t let alone your child in the kitchen and go for answering it.

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