Kitchen: is it fun or danger for kids?- Pt1

Almost all women spend their a great deal of time in the kitchen, in order to prepare breakfasts and lunches. What if there is growing little tyke in a family? In this case, the mother should cook for her family and play with her child or read a story at the same time.  How can young mothers combine the process of preparing a meal with doing interesting and useful activities with child? We suggest some simple but essential ways that help to keep children safely in the kitchen.

Curious children can be both troublemaker or assistant for mothers, but it depends on mothers themselves. Although after cooking something with a child you have to clean, wash or scrape, don’t ignore your child’s ambition for helping you. Kid’s pure intention to help might be transformed into simple and useful games.

  1. Pour some flour on a black tray and show child drawing circle, star, snowflake, triangle and so on.
  2. Let your child become Cinderella. Mix some haricots and peas in a dish and ask from your kid to pick peas and put them into another dish. It helps a child to use fingers properly in activities like drawing, knitting, sewing and the mostly, holding a pen during writing.
  3. Allow your kids make small some biscuits. Later you can add some yogurt or fruit puree and give to your child as a dessert .
  4. Talk with your child about shapes, tastes and colors of fruits and vegetables: what can be orange and sweet? Of course, oranges. Which vegetable is circle and red that mother makes salad? Yes, tomatoes! At that time prompt will be on the table.
  5. Continue commenting each your step. Child goes on learning and at the same time he or she finds out how to prepare his or her favorite meal. After prepБез названияaring three or four times, start “forgetting” how to cook soup, and you will be reminded true recipe by your chief child!

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