The easiest ways of developing your kids’ creativity

Nowadays, parents are too immersed in working and they might have some troubles with communicating with their children.   Author of these notes- Masaru Ibuka – is famous for his book about early children’s  development  “  Kindergarten is too late”. He didn’t invent new games and toys for children’s improvement like other Methodists, but he formulated some beneficial notes for parents. Here you can read some easy ways to enhance child’s imagination with Antics Land in Sharjah.

  1. Teach your child to recite

Kids’ brains are capable of storing short poems from 100 to 200 in memory. The more intensely the memory is used, the better it functions and expands itself. The memorizing abilities of children should be trained, till they get satisfaction from repetition.

  1. Take your baby in your hand

Interaction, physical contact with parents influence not only babies’ intellect but also shape sympathetic and sensitive person. In general, communication with parents is never regarded as too much. Sleeping with your infant is the best way pampering him or her.

  1. Vary activities

It is more useful for kids to spend their energy on playing diverse games which include different types of objects rather than playing the same games. On the other hand, if kids manage to make a progress in one sphere they feel themselves confident as a result they will advance in other spheres as well.

  1. Give crayons to kid as soon as earlier

All activities like drawing, painting making applications from construction paper that children do with their hands, develop their intellect and creativity. The earlier you give crayons to your kids the better results they will show. If you interfere your child ( “Hold pencil correctly!”, “ Apples should be red!”) you will distract his or her development of imagination

  1. Train left hand as well as right hand

Just think about: monkeys use both their hands for eating and playing. People are not perfect in this sphere.  Playing billiards can be one of the best activity to practice hand activities for kids.

  1. Don’t buy too many toys

Redundant toys disseminate child’s attention. If you want to develop kid’s fantasy, unusual thinking, and creativity, don’t buy everything that your child asks. In child’s imagination, a piece of wood or lid of pot can be seen as a fabulous house in forest or ship in an ocean,  it is more interesting than expensive toys in markets which might be used with instructions.

  1. Move a lot

Walking stimulates the process of thinking and reckoned as the best exercise for intellect. That’s why many talented people say that new ideas and inspiration come while they are walking. Climbing in Vertical Limit, moving in Laser Maze also can be both amazing and beneficial physical exercises.

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