What To Do If Your Child Gets Lost-Pt4

The following is some crucial info to teach your child at every age


  • Their first and last name, the first thing an employee will ask your child when she’s lost.
  • Your full name. If he knows you only as “Mommy,” you can’t be paged by name.
  • Don’t go anywhere with, accept anything from, or get into a car with anyone. Never, without your permission, period.


  • Your cell-phone number. You can be reunited more quickly if you get separated.
  • A “safe list.” Instead of saying, “don’t talk to strangers,” list three to five people who are always okay for your child to talk to.


  • An easy-to-find meeting place — the more specific the location, the better — if you get separated.
  • A buddy or a sibling to come along to places (like a restroom) your child is starting to visit independently. There’s more safety in numbers.
  • To beware of grown-ups asking for help, and to never approach a car. Tell your child to yell loudly if anyone tries to make him go somewhere.

Your Lost-Child Tool Kit

These products, from tattoos to GPS trackers, may help you find your child more quickly.

Child ID Kit Assemble one yourself with your child’s photo, height, weight, fingerprints, and other identifying info to help law enforcement if ever necessary. For details, go to missingkids.com/childID

Temporary Tattoo Write your cell number on one of these waterproof tattoos and paste it to your child’s arm. $21 for 18 write-on tattoos; safetytat.com

ID Bracelet Customize these bright disposable bracelets with your cell number and allergy/medical information. $10 for ten bracelets; mypreciouskid.com

BuddyTag This bracelet has a GPS tracker; a phone app tells you his whereabouts and alerts you if he goes more than a specified distance away. $40; mybuddytag.com

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