Raising a Happy Child

Childhood is often our happiest phase. As adults, we struggle to find the same level of happiness as various responsibilities crush us. It is upon us to make sure our kids grow up as happy children too. 

The present generation of kids are especially hard to please. However, they are just kids and share the same childish ideas and behaviors that we had as children. Hence, using the same old techniques may actually be better at keeping them happy in the long run, rather than showering them with whatever they want and spoiling them. 

Never underestimate the power of family and traditions when it comes to raising children. These bonds and lessons stay with them for life. No matter how attached they become with their friends and social life later, a good family bond will always remain on top in their minds. This is why it is important to keep them happy at home. Though involving them in traditions may not be their favorite pass time, as they grow, they will start valuing them. It will help to instill a sense of togetherness in them, which actually ends up lasting a life time. Think of all those little family rituals you performed with your parents. They keep you grounded and always close to home.

The way you talk to them also makes a difference. It is okay to scold or be angry, but make sure you encourage good behavior, compliment them, talk to them lovingly, and motivate them to stay upbeat. Never use cynicism or taunting comments on your child. Children are innocent, and it is essential that they grow up believing that the world is a great place. Your wrong attitude may also lead to insecurities in them.

Spread a happy environment at home. Let them find comfort when they get back from school! Serve them their favorite meals, and talk to them about their day. Engage them in conversations throughout the day, and be appreciative. With all these, your kid is on the road to blissful happiness. 

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