The Role of Pretend Play in Child Development

Children love to play make-believe. Until they reach a certain age, every object they see is often imagined as something else and played with. The lego block is a train, the storage box is a car, and spoons can fly. They make cakes in mud and build castles on beaches. The fact that everything is imaginary does not daunt them in the slightest. Kids are in their element in their imaginary world, and it is actually an essential behavior.

By pretend games, the imagination of your child is being strengthened. He or she learns how others think, and how objects behave in different situations. Your child talks to himself or herself, or other kids, and develops commumication skills in the process. Social skills are enhanced as well. The child learns new words and phrases, and how to use them in various situations. Most importantly, your child develops essential problem-solving skills that can be highly beneficial to them in school and outside. 

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