How to keep your kids entertained this summer

Summer is in full swing, and school vacations are about to begin. If you have no plans to travel, this means you have a bunch of extremely bored kids to entertain. How do you keep kids engaged during vacations? 

No, we are not about to suggest additional homework. We don’t mean two months of digital entertainment either. There are tons of activities that can be highly beneficial for kids. Art and craft is one of them, and will enhance your child’s creativity. Instead of going for plain old water colors or color pencils, introduce them to new media like oil paints, chalk, glass painting, etc.

Science experiements are another way to entertain kids. Youtube has so many videos of exciting yet simple scientific experiements that you can try with ordinary imgredients found at home. Go ahead and experiment; your kids are going to love it. It will also keep them close to their education. 

How about board games? Monopoly, chess, ludo.. These evergreen games are still available, and a hit among today’s kids as well! Keep a championship, and get the entire family to play a game every day. The winner gets exciting prizes!

If all else fails, grab your keys and take them to Antic’s Land in Mega Mall, Sharjah, where your child is going to have non-stop fun on our exciting rides and redemtion games.

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