Did you know? Fun Facts about Child Development 

Watching a child grow is an experience one wouldn’t necessarily forget. Each day is eventful, and each phase is so memorable, no matter how challenging it can be. Here are a few interesting facts about your child during their birth and growth phase.

Baby love
  • From birth to around 6 months, your child cannot see anything very clearly. Most children have stronger vision when objects are nearby. At birth and right after, everything is extremely blurry. With time, the vision develops and by 6 months, he or she attains normal vision.
  • Your baby can smell what you smell while in your tummy! The amniotic fluid allows the baby to smell exactly what you can.
  • Mothers are encouraged to talk to their babies because they can understand what’s being said, even though they don’t have the ability to speak.
  • Your weight must not have changed much over the last five years. Give or take some 5 kgs, we all stay more or less the same once we are adults. But our little ones weigh three times as much as their birth weight by the time they turn one! Wondering where all the milk goes? Now you know!
  • Speaking of which, only milk-based food can be given to a child less than four months. While this is no new knowledge, you may not be aware of the fact that your child can’t really get the taste of salt until four months of age.

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