Is your Child Afraid of the Dark?

Fear of darkness is the most common fear that grapples innocent toddlers worldwide. Many of us have kids at home who need their bedroom lights on while they sleep. This makes them sleep late, which is again not favorable. Turn off the lights and you can see them alert and expecting something bad to happen. How do you help your child overcome this fear?

The best way to assist your child tackle this fear is to allow him to switch on and off lights around the house on his own. Keep a night light in his or her bedroom which gives low intensity light and can be kept on while they sleep without disturbing them. Also, teach them good things about night. Watch the stars and the moon along with them, and tell them good stories that can be associated with night time. You can also cover the walls with cutouts of stars and fairies. Avoid overly speaking of burglaries and thefts in front of your child, other than to let them be cautious. 

There are a number of tips and tricks that can help your child sleep with less worries at night. Is your child afraid of something other than the dark? Comment below! Follow our blog for more tips and tricks on taking care of your children!

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