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Antics Land Tasty Snacks

When planning a visit to Antics Land Sharjah, it’s good to know that there are a variety of tasty snack stands offering a nice selection of both sweet & savory foods to munch on while strolling through our authentic walk of adventure and entertainment.

Today we will highlight the tasty munchies available to you and your precious babies here at Antics Land for your added convenience; For starters we have Potato Land, they offer a number of different potato dishes such as, Baked potatoes with many different toppings and salad, Fries and Tornado chips! They also include some sweet options on their menu like mini pancakes, fondue and crepe nutella. In addition to Potato Land there is another Potato stand and sweetcorn stands, icecream stands and popcorn stands. Also there is a mini snack shop situated by the entrance of Antics Land selling candy, drinks, chips and snack items often found in stores!

We hope you get a chance to try them out and when you do we will be delighted to hear your thoughts!


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