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Antic’s Air – A Flight Simulator For Kids in Sharjah

Hi there Friends,

Today we are delighted to announce the arrival of this amazing new ride, the Antic’s Air (A Flight Simulator).

Cleared for take off!!!

Now there’s another kind of aircraft taking off that recaptures the original thrill of flight. Ride or fly, it’s up to you.

No reservations, no carry-ons—just visit the Antics Land at Sharjah Mega Mall for tickets to board and even control this imaginary aircraft where you control the action!

Climb aboard and try your skills as a pilot, launch your sortie and take to the skies as you climb, dive, and roll during your adventure.

You can imagine the fun our team had trying it out and we strongly erg you to do the same. The opening ceremony we held for it a few days ago went really well, here are some photos we would like to share:

Kindly note that the ride is aimed for older children such as from 10 years + and even adults. Either way, taking an exciting virtual trip on board this 1 passenger ride simulator will definitely be an experience to remember, so we hope to see you soon 😉

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