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Beautiful Party Balloon Invitation

Hi there everyone, how are you all this beautiful morning?

Continueing our party theme series of inspiration, today we thought to share this beautiful idea of a party baloon invitation. The beauty of this project is that you can adapt it to any colour or theme that you want, for example, can you imagine how amazing a UAE National Day Party invitation can look like presented in this way? With the UAE color confetti maybe etc…

So anyway here is the article that tells you exactly how to do it:

This project is a unique way to deliver a birthday party or any party invitation with a bang. The invite details and some confetti are popped into a balloon to be hand-delivered to prospective party guests.


Perfect for those who want a polka dot pyjama party theme – or kids who simply want a more memorable way to bring their birthday party or Eid party invitations to life.

To make confetti balloon party invitation, you’ll need:

  • Some round paper confetti
  • Clear balloons (try party stores) or white pearl balloons that are see-through
  • A paper invitation, rolled-up
  • Polka dot ribbon
  • Balloon stick

How to make a confetti balloon party invitation:

  • Fold the confetti slightly so it fits through the balloon opening. Slip in a handful of confetti in each balloon.
  • Slip in the rolled-up invitation and blow up the balloon.
  • Twist the balloon end onto the balloon stick and shake so the confetti sticks slightly to the wetness from your breath on the inside of the balloon.
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around the balloon stick and, if you like, a little note that reads “pop me”.
  •  Hand deliver the balloon to your invitees.

Hope you enjoyed the post and if you get creative in making this invitation please comment and share your photos of your finished masterpiece.



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